ELECTRIC MASSIVE DIVER or how to subdue a Beatmania IIDX?




This is very hard question you know? Power is nothing, skills is everything. I started playing IIDX games or if can be more right Lunatic Rave 2 (IIDX clone) about 1 year ago. Oh… this was a huge problem for man which starting playing this game after DanceDanceRevolution series. Heh heh “this controls is awful! 8 buttons? What a hell?” Totally newbie 1 year ago and skilled player right now. But this skills which I obtain just semi-low-pro I say. I can play only NORMAL difficulty track and less than 7 difficulty. This is insane! How much time should pass before I becoming a pro? 3 years or 7? Hell if I know 🙂

Really I’m not see any games which offers to gain experience for the great zeal. But after this time I don’t wanna stop. I’ll keeping forward. But my lovely ELECTRIC MASSIVE DIVER track still not subdue to me…




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