What I think? I’m not thinking.

Well It’s about to get a new game again. But unfortunately this Q3-Q4 still a far to be possible.

Someday I lost hope in my PSVita and I startin’ thinking about a sale this console, but I decided not to do it. So I think it’s a right option for now because I found some what I will to play on my PSVita. Thats incredible, because sometime I lost hope. But hope is back. When Tecmo Koei announced a Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate. Hope is back when I found place where I can buying games for PSVita more cheaper than Russia, whatever if that is Japanese versions. (Some game what I need FOR JAPAN ONLY (Ohhh…. How I like that sound 🙂 ))

I need to start a preparation right now and do a new PSVita games blast-off!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I think to complete a developing my wishlist tomorrow or about few days later. It’s more harder choice than getting PS3 games. Because I prepared a list for this Q3-Q4 2013.

What kind of nonsense I’m writing? Mmmm I’m tired. It’s 0:07 AM right, I’m need to sleep. See ya soon.


Maybe getting this……..

or this….


Go sleep already!!!! 🙂


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